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Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian
Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Monday, May 17, 2021

Collages by Christopher Luna March/April/May 2021


The Work Poetry workshop with Christopher Luna
Second Saturday afternoon of every month
& the second and fourth Monday evening of every month:

The Power of Mushrooms for Morgan Paige March 2021

LET IT FLY for Holly McLachlan April 2021

March 2021

April 2021

Sumptuous Ecstatic Openings
April 2021

Nothing Compares to the Absurd Poetry of New York City
April 2021

Friday, February 19, 2021

Collages by Christopher Luna February 2021


Aquarius Spark 
For Morgan Paige

An Incredible Experience: Your Flesh!

Analysis: a Beautiful Distraction

Friday, January 22, 2021

Collages by Christopher Luna January 2021 including Postcards for Pobrecitos by Eileen Davis Elliott

My dear friend Eileen Elliott asked me to create some promotional postcards for her superb new book, Pobrecitos:

The book is a poignant and unflinching look at how poverty impacts lives. Eileen's powerful words are complemented by stunning illustrations by two talented student-artists: Ava Town and Lily Engblom-Stryker.
Email to receive a Zoom invitation to her virtual book launch on February 5:

I am also happy to announce that Eileen will help us celebrate National Poetry Month as the featured reader for Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic on April 8. 


Poetry and collage by Christopher Luna


times like these 

for Erin Dengerink

Monday, November 9, 2020

Collages by Christopher Luna November 2020

 I'm so tired of social distancing
For Kelly Schrock
November 8, 2020

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Poetry and Art in Loving Memory of Diane di Prima

Revolutionary poet Diane di Prima is gone, but her work and the positive energy she created and nurtured will live on. I count myself among the poets who consider her a heroic model for how to be a dissident artist and decent, loving human being. 

Diane di Prima and Anne Waldman at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics 
Summer Writing Program, July 1997 (photo by Christopher Luna)

Ten years after I met Diane di Prima at the Naropa Institute, I was thrilled to find her name on my list for the August Postcard Poetry FestHere is the postcard and poem I received from her:

It made me very nervous to write a spontaneous poem to one of my poetic elders. Here is the poem I wrote for her (and the collage postcard I created):  

“Dustbowl Dirge” postcard sent to Diane di Prima, San Francisco, CA August 14, 2007:

EYE CATALYST for Diane di Prima

we are charged with a responsibility

whether we take on the role

            of observer, critic,

            priestess, or shaman


my painter friend is a former Kansas ninja

and the reincarnation of ninth-Century warrior

who smokes to quiet the voices in his head

and understands that to name

may also be to destroy


he brings me finished canvasses

which I am invited to amend according to my liking

and I get nervous, my Sharpie-holding hand trembling

with a sense of obligation

whatever I choose to add

must be right, it must be worthy

must move

must add

rather than take away


we get trashed, laugh

and rub our beards

(mark of our status, for some,

as revolutionary perverts)

we are dangerous

create word bombs

to dismantle capitalism

and undo the hatred in the human heart

while plotting our respective strategies

in the ongoing war against the imagination

A few years later, Erin Dengerink and I collaborated on an artwork based on this poem. She drew the figures in the foreground and cut the holes representing thought bubbles that I filled with collage. I also contributed the lettering featuring a few lines from EYE CATALYST:  

EYE CATALYST for Diane di Prima
by Erin Dengerink and Christopher Luna

EYE CATALYST for Diane di Prima
by Erin Dengerink and Christopher Luna

Here is the postcard and poem I received from Diane di Prima in 2008:

“Poetics of memory” postcard and poem ("Saving Janis") by Christopher Luna sent to Raul Sanchez, Seattle, WA on July 30, 2008 AND Diane di Prima San Francisco , CA on September 5, 2008:



In the photograph

Janis looks like a hippie goddess

open, vulnerable

hair and beads

cascading over her nipples

hands crossed

in front of the flower

of her sex


Frame the fallen queen

and place her portrait

on your bathroom wall.


Rendering each morning

a portal to another time.


If you could you’d wrap your arms around her

whisper sweet words of praise in her ear

and when she closes her eyes to kiss you

hide the half-finished bottle of Southern Comfort

Posted by Christopher Luna with love and respect for Diane di Prima

November 7, 2020

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Collages by Christopher Luna October 2020

He's Building His Own Myth Out of the Clamor: PRETTY DEEP SHIT by Christopher Luna 



Rhapsody in Blue Balls (For Erin Dengerink) by Christopher Luna

Revolution is love SAY YES by Christopher Luna

A taste for fast food by Kelly Schrock and Christopher Luna

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Our visit to Saint John Coltrane Church, August 2015

John Coltrane by Neil Jacobs

Toni Lumbrazo Luna and I were married in 2015, and we decided that our honeymoon would be a California reading tour. We read our poetry in Berkeley, San Francisco, Eureka, and and Monterey. One of the highlights was a featured reading with Julie Rogers, David Meltzer, and saxophonist Zan Stewart at Bird & Beckett Books.

In the following excerpt from the travel poem we wrote during the trip, we visit the Saint John Coltrane Church in San Francisco. I was reminded of our visit when I read the following article on the NPR website:Five Decades On, An Eclectic Church Preaches The Message Of John Coltrane.

I am very pleased to learn that the church is soldiering on. 

Happy 94th Birthday, John Coltrane.     



No pics allowed at

Saint John Coltrane Church

Sunday Mass

sparsely attended, at first


the energy in the room is palpable

Procession takes place

in a room behind the stage

as we wait


“open your hearts

as we go into



            tears well


                        sit or kneel


                                    and confess


“Praise Him.

That’s alright now.”


some join

some don’t


beautiful tapestries

with likenesses of Trane

and Lady Day

hang throughout the



Miles Davis

draped across

the donation table


as the older cat

w dreads hanging below his knees

blows, my heart cracks open


                        shies away a little


                        when we get to


“one God        one god”


            same old


                        push and pull





                                    desire &



                                    a quiet, more

reasonable voice

from deep within

reminds me

that all humans

struggle for

meaning and



the room awash

in slightly muted

red, gold, green

the drummer

a beatific Buddha

in a blue t-shirt


                                    however the concepts

                                    of sin and evil

                                    are understood

                                    we all seek the same peace


“Thank you,


Thank you,



as the ceremony continues

other musicians arrive

the door is left open

to encourage the folks

walking down Fillmore Street

to enter


a tall guy in

a blue shirt

takes his turn

blowing sax



late Trane



and I feel my heart

fill with that light again


count at least

five sax players

like angels-in-waiting


by the time the sublime melody

to “A Love Supreme” begins

the room is full


“we’re just trying to get a measure of what’s happening”


many passersby

stop to listen from

the doorway for

at least a few minutes


“If you love Truth, give God a hand, please. We call this the sound exorcism. We try to keep it beautiful, but this ain’t no gin joint. If the horn player starts speakin’ in tongues, we understand. When I went to see John Coltrane, he was like a Pentecostal preacher to me. I know we’re gonna have a good time, because the devil’s been busy all week. If you pat your foot, you’re a part of the band. Don’t clear your throat in here unless you’re ready to praise the Lord.”


deacon came up

in the African Orthodox church

part of the “no middle ground” crew

preaches on Revelations

believes we are in

The Last Days


“Saint John Coltrane was a scientist. Will indicates someone’s intention. Will is modal…. You can’t get sidetracked when you’re dealing with willing something into being…. I didn’t even talk about the All. The All, that’s a lot.  You have to be surefooted. You have to move with purpose and authority.”


the importance of sharing information


Abraham-Hicks: The Vortex

Coltrane Speaks

Newlyweds Christopher and Toni Luna in San Clemente for their honeymoon, August 2015 

Friday, September 18, 2020

Collages by Christopher Luna September 2020


 a new reality

For Zoe Weimer


Giving And Giving 
For Coraline Luna

Love yourself 
For Liliana

For Aimee Taylor and Kelly Schrock

For Leah Klass