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Christopher Luna performs with Tyler Burba by Nathan Tompkins

Christopher Luna performs with Tyler Burba by Nathan Tompkins

Friday, May 1, 2009

GHOST TOWN, USA March/April 2009 by Christopher Luna

March/April 2009
3/17 Auto Body Shop Evergreen & V St.
“Di Angelo? Al Angelo? He owns all of Vancouver, and my brother helped him build half of it….”
Waiting Room Vancouver Clinic 3/25
For a moment the woman in the waiting area reading ELIJAH in jeans, red sweater, purple socks, and comfortable shoes forgets herself and throws one leg over the arm of the chair exposing her crotch to the longhair reading poetry seated across from her
Later, in the clinic
Doctor to patient: “Were you kinda goin’ in slow motion? It happens. Things
come out at you, then they turn the corner, and they’re gone….
I’m a Vancouverite all the way. Hudson’s Bay…. What are they
doing out there? It’s crazy. It used to be a nice place, but not anymore.” Nurse: “Go out in the hall and come back. You can still smell it.
The smell is everywhere out here. Sir, do you smell that?
A printer, a marker smell. Yesterday it was doing a
jibbery-jabbery thing up at the top.”
April 2009
April 3
Mint Tea: “I’m proud of her for her convictions. And I think she’s done the research to make the right decisions.” Naked Toes: A Lament In the ‘Couve sunny and balmy give way to hail storm within a matter of moments No matter the weather nor the time of year one encounters young ladies in jeans and flip flops (a footwear choice New York girls make only for the beach) provoking the paternal instincts of this East Coaster: makes me want to buy them all socks
Outside Harney Elementary 4/8
Young woman on cell phone: “Nothing really to be scared of. With him working only one day a week…. OK. I love you.”
At “The Red Park”
“Guess what, Daddy, I went poo poo today, twice!” “In your pants?” “NOOOOOOOO!”
Stickered letters in the back window of a car heading southbound on I-5 near Fort Lewis:
The People on the Bus April 2009
4/22 Evergreen and C Street Waiting for the #32
Guy in brown, paint-spattered hoodie yells out to his pal, who is walking up C Street: “Hey, get a job!” Other guy shouts back: “I’m tryin’.”
#32 4/24
“I don’t really like ‘em, personally. He’s a bottom feeder…. They talk a lot.” GHOST TOWN, USA
Clark College 4/28
ENG 102 student after class: “What’s up with that retarded fat chick? I just wanna stab her with
a salty knife. Sterilize that shit. She is always talking, and when she
doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she lies. One day I’m gonna
stab her. She’s gonna be the first.”
Sign in back window of white pickup parked outside Clark College’s auto mechanics department:
Swine flu Deporting
Christopher Luna
Vancouver, WA
March/April 2009


The First Carol said...

Yes! Posted: pictures and prattle. The First Carol visits First Friday.

LynnAlexander said...

Best wishes for ongoing success with Ghost Town. Our review will be posted in June at Crow Reviews, I'll send a link when it's up.