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Christopher Luna performs with Tyler Burba by Nathan Tompkins

Christopher Luna performs with Tyler Burba by Nathan Tompkins

Friday, January 3, 2020

Burnt Retina

I created this broadside of my poem "Burnt Retina" for the Ninth Annual Celebration of the Male Form at Angst Gallery in Vancouver, WA January 3-31, 2020. The poem also appears in my book Message from the Vessel in a Dream, published by Flowstone Press in 2018.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Celebrating Walt Whitman on his 200th Birthday

Collage by Christopher Luna

To Whitman the song of the boys
sounds like a strawberry oboe

            hot boys play at the feet of the old bard
            grass poking their toes as they dance
                        and when they lie in it
            unburdened of their uniforms
            blades tickle their burgeoning testicles
            as the old man
            watches from the porch

            all that is unsettling
            all that is forbidden
            all that liberates instantaneously
            all that brings joy
            or unlocks weary/battered minds                   
            all that I seek to veil/hide
            all that pleases or displeases
            all that incites or provokes
            all that invites further investigation
            all that whispers, caresses, kisses
            all that perplexes or encourages wishes
            all that is human in us – including both the
                        impulse to create and to destroy
            all that I fear
            all that I reject as a matter of principle
            I hereby embrace, forgive, and claim ownership of
            Of these things I sing
            It is these things that are holy

Christopher Luna 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Short Poem for Cathleen Luna on Mother's Day

A Short Poem for Cathleen Luna
on Mother's Day 2019

enfolded in her embrace:
of the existence
of unconditional love
& the possibility of evolution 
within a single generation
through sheer force of will

little girl left alone
grows to become
loving mother 
of us all 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Collages by Christopher Luna for Women Warriors at Angst Gallery March 1-23, 2019

"Don't wait." Artist Trading Card by Christopher Luna

Women Warriors Artist Trading Card: Emily Dickinson

Women Warriors ATC: For Aretha (poem by Christopher Luna)

Emergent Goddesses of the Frozen Wood by Christopher Luna

Women Warriors ATC: Jane Bowles by Christopher Luna

Women Warriors ATC: Sylvia Plath by Christopher Luna

Women Warriors ATC: "to speak. YES YES" by Christopher Luna

Women Warriors ATC: Venus by Christopher Luna

Women Warriors at Angst Gallery March 1-23, 2019

Angst Gallery recognizes that women have shaped society in ways for which they are not often enough acknowledged. For the month of March, Angst Gallery will celebrate Women Warriors in all their various incarnations.

Women Warriors at Angst Gallery March 1-23, 2019

Angst Gallery
1015 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12-4.
Accessible via Niche Wine Bar (1013 Main Street) after 4pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Women warriors come in all shapes, sizes, and ages: Malala, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Florence Nightingale, Great Aunt Beatrice. So many women inspire us behind the scenes or in the public eye. What makes a woman warrior? Not all heroism involves violence. What drives such acts of heroism? What qualities or circumstances drive women to push back, protect, or change the world? Who are the women in your life who inspire you?

In 2018 the New York Times recognized that they had overlooked many important women in their obituary section and have been working to go back into the archives and feature those who were overlooked.

In Sweden, ancient Viking remains were discovered to actually belong to a female and not a male 100 years after they were found. Sometimes it is our tendency to incorrectly assume that remains from archaeological conform to stereotypical gender roles. What other assumptions have we made in history? What assumptions will be made when looking back 100 years from now?

“Wonder Woman lived: Viking warrior skeleton identified as female, 128 years after its discovery” By Amy Ellis Nutt September 14, 2017

For more information about National Women’s History Month, visit the National Women’s History Alliance website

International Women’s Day is March 8, 2019.

Since its opening in 2008, Angst Gallery has hosted solo and group shows featuring more than 300 local and national artists and cultural events including art shows, musical performances, book launch parties, art talks, classes, workshops, and the monthly Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic. More than just a place to show art, Angst Gallery is also a safe space for community discussion, where all people are respected for who they are. We donate the use of the space to organizations that work for human rights and progressive social change.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Christopher Luna on People of Vancouver, WA

Thank you to Emily and Steve of People of Vancouver, WA for interviewing me for their program:



I'd also like to thank Leah Jackson for her many years of support for The Work and Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic. finally, a hearty shout out to those who attended the workshop at Niche that afternoon (and appear briefly in the video): Stella Guillory, Diane Corson, Denise Campbell, Suzanne LaGrande, Robert Syverson, Paula John, Cathie Padgett, Sonja Gellerson, and Bruce Hall.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Hearth & Home: A Poem by Angelo Luna

This poem was my son's birthday present to me. I cannot read it without crying. Seeing what he has to say about me at 18 leaves me astounded, and so proud. I could not be prouder of the sweet, funny, philosophical person he is. I marvel at all that he has done, and can't wait to see what incredible experiences await him. 

I am truly blessed.

Thank you, son.

Christopher Luna

Friday, July 27, 2018

Saying Goodbye to Two Beloved Naropa Teachers: Poems for Bobbie Louise Hawkins and Bill Scheffel

Bobbie Louise Hawkins with Jackson Mac Low, Jim Carroll, Peter Lamborn Wilson, and Steven Taylor in the tent at the 1999 Summer Writing Program, Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Boulder, CO

A Few Words of Encouragement from a Retired Muse
With Love and Respect for Bobbie Louise Hawkins

your hand on my shoulder
your gaze of steel
and your love emanating
in the form of a growl of command
as you let me know
that you think I ought to keep it up

a quick moment
you’d soon forget
an act of generosity
powerful enough
to sustain me
for going-on two decades

thank you for the permission
to tell family secrets
to eschew starfucking
& to proceed without fear

            never explain
            never apologize

            make friends with the microphone

even the fiercest of protectors
must eventually leave us
            if all goes well to
be transformed into

guiding spirits

angels of reassurance
reminders of our impermanence
our damnably reliable

Resurrection Ritual for Bill Scheffel
based on notes from his Shambala Meditation Practicum
Naropa Institute, Fall 1997

I wouldn’t say that I understand the environment;
I simply experience it. John Cage

are you on time?
what is your experience of time?
do you feel you have enough time?

can you listen to someone
without simultaneously critiquing
what they’ve said?

how much are we tasting all of our experience?
how much do you consider the beauty in your life?

does the universe have an opinion?
is there consciousness before opinion?
before opinions is the cosmic mirror

nowness is intuitive intelligence
something intelligent that just witnesses

This is perfect (perfected, complete, flawless).
Expression of a man I admire.

we carry the burden
of survival
we are under duress
we need to undo this numbness
we are dominated by narration
we internalize metaphors, and they can become very powerful
we can hold on to a particular thought for our entire lives
            this thought may not be true

the drala has been dispelled by the modern industrial world
barrage of competing thoughts like gunfire
patchwork of masks which form a cocoon

we don’t want to deal with the intensity of the moment
emotions are energy, not a story
what we see is largely memory

get over your mythology
reverse the process, flip figure & ground
notch, catalogue, pivot
change allegiance from thought to intuition
return to awareness
become where you are
look at what is

when you notice an intensity
become a block of wood (this is a metaphor)
(this creates space)

vastness in the moment

experience has a duration

beneath fear is tenderness
the warrior cultivates both fearlessness & gentleness
faith, creativity, joy, nature, trust

curiosity is high intelligence
awareness is my home

It’s a lofty goal, but I’m not a bodhistattva

                        I’m right here

I have already survived
What did you learn from Bobbie Louise Hawkins?
A Call for Submissions

Kona Morris has been working on creating a craft book with Bobbie, tentatively entitled Bobbie On Writing. Kona and Bobbie’s daughter, Sarah Creeley, have decided that in addition to the pages compiling Bobbie’s remarkable insight on the art, craft, and process of writing, they will also include a section in the book from people whom Bobbie inspired.

We are asking anyone who ever internalized something from Bobbie’s exceptional wisdom—about the craft of writing and performance, but also about life and anything else—to submit a piece for the book.

These essays (or whatever form they take) will serve as a sort of collective Afterward, a compilation of testimonies, for all those people who were never fortunate enough to learn straight from the source, and for those who have yet to discover the extraordinary gift that the literary world had in Bobbie Louise Hawkins.

Please share this with anyone who knew Bobbie, and email all submissions to the following email address by December 31st, 2018: