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Christopher Luna performs with Tyler Burba by Nathan Tompkins

Christopher Luna performs with Tyler Burba by Nathan Tompkins

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Gilbert Sorrentino & Other Poems By Jack Lorts available now from Finishing Line Press


(On Dan's cover painting)

Daniel Robinson's Morning View

I know canyons,
tho they be
the other
side the river,
shadows hiding
in distant brown,
a vineyard,
a winery perhaps,
sliding into the river
just west of
where the picture ends.

Shadows reflect
in water
the world beyond the river,
light from the east,
as always,
in early morning—
an arm extending
into the east/west flow,
blocking Siddhartha
who becomes
the distant brown.

A slender palisade
beckons in the distance,
to become one
with the sky,
with the river,
as clouds hide
the brightest blue.

The artist sits
atop Blaylock Ridge
looking across the river,
into distant brown.

Dear Gilbert Sorrentino & Other Poems, by Jack e Lorts will be published by Finishing Line Press March 4, 2011. This is a limited edition collection, priced at $14, plus $1 shipping, and pre-publication sales will determine the press run, so please reserve your copy now. To order, you may mail this completed form, along with payment, to Finishing Line Press at the address below, or you may visit and click on "New Releases and Forthcoming Titles"

Please send me ______ copy/copies of Dear Gilbert Sorrentino & Other Poems by Jack e Lorts, for $14.00 each
(Shipping is only $1 per copy!).

Name _____________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code _________________________________________________________________

Finishing Line Press
PO Box 1626
Georgetown, Kentucky 40324

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